Lactate tests, hard Rowing and the traveling row show.

Well week 2 kicked off with getting my lactate tested via Memorial hermann over at Shepard Square in Houston. I love getting my LT done before a big training block for me almost 4 months to really pinpoint zones, gains and overall I love the data. So here is the watts v heartrate half of the lactate test that I did recently. The written numbers on the bottom are from last year around I think march when I did this before I did the 24 hour row. So i was really happy to see that my HR has gone down over the last year especially for me in the 115-170 watts range as this has been a lot of my endurance work from last year. Really happy to see that at LT my heart rate has dropped over 7 points as well. So what does all this mean well the complete test show you targeted zones, actually lactate portions and the HR portion. So im fitter than I was last year and I havent even gotten into the meat and potatoes of the training.

So weeks 2-4 for me I know are going to be hard, fast workouts on the rower as I am traveling for the this whole month. I think I am home maybe 5 days so there is no gym to find, there is no time to waste so you know what that means.. The Traveling row show is where it will be at. The rower has to be at myside at all times and Im going to have to balance rowing hard as fuck with my responsibilities of setting up races, attending expos and also crossfit as well.

So I was able this week to start to put speed in place of long distance rowing. So goals were to get off to a fast start this week with 3 solid hard workouts knowing that I was leaving out of town friday and my weekend would be wrecked. So monday we hit the lacate test, tuesday i did a good temp workout with good pacing in and wednesday I pulled a hard 5k workout with a 2:10 split. Wednesday we loaded trucks all day and my legs were pure garbage so I took the day off. Thursday was my last day in town so I went to crossfit and then did a terrible workout with Jeremy my coach.. If you want to know what workout i HATE its this one. 2k warmup and then you try and accumulate 10 min at 1:50 pace or faster.. So the game i made up is that if I see 1:51 or higher I have to stop the clock and you can only have a 30 second break.. Its basically a sufferfest after you get to about 5 minutes. So friday I drove 12 hours all day to el paso along with the rower. Saturday I woke up feeling like garbage with my knee super inflammed from the driving.. I did a small 5k row in the am but my knee was really giving me the shits.. So i took a bath later in the day and though fuck this knee and this altitude. I figured I would just hammer a 5k really hard and just realized that i would be sucking air the whole time and go for it.. Well i felt really good actually and my knee finally felt normal afterwards. Sunday i spent my morning about 3 hours hiking and marking trails which of course has the great effect of irritating the knee massively.

But all is well at the end of the week I got in really good work all the way around and over 12 hours of work and im down 5 lbs over last week so Im stoked. As noted I cut all diet sodas and all sugar(sweets) from my diet for the year. This week after thursday I am cutting all processed cards as well until surgery etc.. For me personally I know that being super strict on what I eat means I can get every drop out of this body on the rower. So we are on the commitment train and kicking ass. Below is the weeks schedule.

Time split meters avg hr max hr under 2:00 activity Weekly Row
29-Jan 30 8000 12 LT test
29-Jan 60 crossfit. oHS 3-rm, deadlift-waballs wod
30-Jan 40 2:15 8000 3 10min-/4-3-2-1 on/off-10min 16000
30-Jan 60 crossfit, KBs, SU, abs, lunges
30-Jan 21 2:10 5000 21000
31-Jan 180 loading truck for race
1-Feb 60 walked 3 miles active recovery
1-Feb 60 crossfit wod. 20 min amwrap partner
1-Feb 25 6000 10 2k warm-10 min1:50-1k cool down 27000
2-Feb OFF TRAVEL altitude
3-Feb 27 2:31 5330 easy row-knee sucked altitude
3-Feb 21 2:10 5000 hard 5k 37330 altitude
4-Feb 165 4 mile marking course altitude
4-Feb 50 pushups day 1 altitude
749 min

So this week will be hella crazy. Marking course the next 3 days and then a 36 hour mountain race from sat am through sunday pm is on deck. So the rower is on the back porch and Im gonna have to carve time on that thing as much as possible this week to keep the groove. So lets get it.

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