Week 1 is always fun.

So with wanting to go for some big goals its honestly important for me to have perspective on what I can and cant do at times. With myself Race Directing full time there are days when i spend 4 hours loading trucks and days like the weekend where i work 24 hours straight. Both of those will leave some rowing gaps but also build on other values.

My goals for the first week is just be consistent daily which for me is going to be 1-2 rows a day and a strength workout. That can be crossfit, could be actualy gym time or could be hauling shit in a truck. But rowing is essentially legs, abs and very little arms so the more I can stress my legs/abs the better i will be.

I had a really good week at Crossfit Fulshear and my coach made some awesome tweaks to some of my movements which really helped me to feel strong in the workouts. I will look towards being as consistent with those workouts the days that I can be there and get it in vs going to 24 hour fitness.


Here is my rowing setup as I took old rosie the rower on the road show at the la quinta. My brother in law had the fucking heat at like 75 so it felt like sauna rowing which is why i cut it short. I felt like complete garbage after an hour. Well it could of also been the 5 hours in a uhaul etc etc. But as always i got on the rower and sent it for the ride. Some days thats all we can do.




So week 1 work week is below.

Time split meters avg hr max hr under 2:00 activity Weekly Row
22-Jan 23:46 02:22.8 5000 122 135 5000
22-Jan 1:00:00 02:28.1 12152 129 139 17152
22-Jan 45 crossfit thrusters, Fran WOD
23-Jan 45 01:58.1 3500 x x 14 row, stepups, stiups WOD 20652
23-Jan 180 loading trucks up
24-Jan 1:18 2:27:01 15822 x x rowed in laquinta- horrible 36474
25-Jan 3:08 5.50 miles

So i ended my week with a little less than 40k in meters, around 6miles in hiking for course marking and 2 cross fit workouts. Total work out time was about 10 hours. The column for minutes under 2 was only 14 this is a number that I need to increase every week so that I can get my speed up and ultimately get to where I can row a 2:20 easily where as now i am around a 2:25-2:27. The pace i need to hold for 14 hours is right at 2:30 so ultimately i want to be hugging that 2:20-2:23 mark on race day.

Friday i spent the day setting up all the finish line area, running gear etc and ended the night at 8:00pm. We were up at 3:34am Sat and worked till Sunday at 3:45 in the morning. We kicked out of the park around 10am and of course I felt like complete garbage.

So i took a long nap in an elementary parking lot for an hour or about halfway through the drive. So after arriving back home on Sunday it was everything I could do to take a hot bath and pass out on on the couch.

But i challenged myself starting Jan 1 for no diet sodas and also no sweets for the year. So I am happy to say that Ive stuck to that commitment through the 1st month.

Next week I have a Lactate Test on the Rower and my first official weigh in from post week 1 working out so well see how we are stacking up going into week 2. Lots of loading trucks and travel next week so Ill have to come out swinging mon-thursday and really carry the weekend eventhough I have to be on the mountain as well. But im looking forward to 10 days of rowing at some altitude as well and putting it where i can see the mountains all day!

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