Row Row Row my boat.

Well I don’t know if I have ever been so nervous to share the next adventure(s) I am partaking in but there is a method to the madness.

First and foremost my 2 main goals before the end of may ( for full knee surgery) is to get as light as I can and be as strong leg wise as I can. Both of these will greatly help my recovery from the knee surgery and put me in optimal health for it.

So with the thought of rowing being my way to accomplish both these goals my mind started to focus on the let down I had last year while going to the 24-hour row for Wings For Life. I had an awful day on the rower and I felt like I trained pretty hard to have a decent one.

Over the past few months, I have been towing with what it would take to go sub 17 hours which i feel like I am capable of and also what it might take to go sub 14 hours for 100 miles on the rower. As I started to swallow the realization of the sub 2:30/500m pace for 14 hours I started to backlog my training to around 12 weeks out which is this week. I have been rowing around 60k a week for the past few months anyway but the training to get ready for a sub 14 hour is going to be around 100k-120k a week with weeks of 200k in the middle.

So as I was getting ready 2 weeks ago to set sail for the training I was scouring the world records for the 30-39 age groups and stumbled upon a record that I thought was interesting. The 30-39-year-old world record for the continous row is 50 hrs and 14 minutes which is defined as rowing 50 minutes out of 60 minutes for every hour in a row. I started to think of what I thought it might take sleep wise and started to wonder.

Well with anything I chatted with folks and had a deep conversation with John Sharp (my old coach) about what it would take to get to the sub 14hr 100 miler and break the 30-39 age group world record on the rower. As we laid out the plan for both rowing and sleep schedule I knew I had found the biggest goals of my life in front of me.

So I’m happy to announce that on 3/31st I will attempt to go Sub 14 hours 100 miler (161k) on the rower and on May 10th I will attempt to break the 30-39-year-old age group world record with a 51-hour continuous row.

So whats next you might ask for something like this well first and foremost I am going to finally (i hope) document this in proper form starting this week. I feel like this is something that I would love to share on dropping weight, the workouts, the misery that will come and all in between. I am committed to a weekly blog and for the next 4 months as I give these goals 100% of my self and effort.

So here is my plan of attack on rowing fast and also what i need to do for the efforts.

Below is the weeks and to the right is the kilometers needed to row. More importantly than the volume is that I need to try and do 30% of the work around 1:50/500m splits. Right now I can do that in short increments but as fitness improves I should be able to improve that greatly. I am also headed to the Memorial Hermann Ironman Institute on Shepard Square on 1/29 to do a lactate test and will do another 2 weeks out from the 100 mile attempt.

1/15-1/21 60
1/22-1/28 90
1/29-2/4 120
2/5-2/11 140
2/12-2/18 200
2/19-2/25 200
2/26-3/4 200
3/5-3/11 140
3/12-3/19 120
3/19-3/25 80
3/26-4/1 191
4/2-4/8 50
4/9-4/15 75
4/16-4/22 60
4/23-4/29 75
4/30-5/6 60
5/10 race 181

So in addition to the above rowing work and test i will start on some very specific training for this like I did before. 60% of rowing in legs, 30% abs and 10% is arms so I will start to focus heavily on these items. I will document weekly the volume and intensity of the work i am putting in to show where I am at and also the lbs dropping off me hopefully like melted butter..

And lastly the sleep cyling. I will start a training regiment of every hour once the hour hits the 50 min mark putting on a sleep mask and resting lying down for 10 minutes of that hour. The first month will be tough since I am really busy but I need for my body to start to adapt to this form of resting as I will be asking my body to do this for 51 hours in 4 months. So ill start easing into it in jan/february and really hammering this march and april working up to 36-48 hour stretches.

So there it is.. As with anything worthwhile I am deeply committed, I am insanely nervous and honestly I cant wait for today to begin so that I can start working the plan laid out. I am very grateful for the peoples time who have listened to my ideas and given my clear guidance while making the decisions.

So for me the next few months are 4 things. Family, business, weights and rowing. Going back in the cave for a few months will be well worth it to go for some big prizes and to feel great going into knee surgery. Im hopefully that post replacement I can get back to the trails I truly love but in the meantime its time to work.

So here is to week 1. May my body hold up to the torture its about to endure.

2 Comments on “Row Row Row my boat.

  1. Love it Rob. I think the 100 mile row is cool – but dude…you have got to crush that continuous row world record. We’ll be following your progress…and supporting you however we can!

    On the sleep – funny, when I did Snowdrop, my wife and kid thought sleep would be my biggest obstacle…(I REALLY like a good night’s sleep and I am typical “old man fall asleep on the sofa” guy by usually about 10 pm.) But that actually wasn’t a big deal at all (thanks red bull.) Of course – 51 is way more than 31 but I don’t think that will be your toughest part. Best of luck my friend.

  2. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -Neale Donald Walsh

    Go for it!!!!! 💪 ☺
    Gail Gibson

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