10 days to snowdrop

10 days to snowdrop..

The last few weeks for me have been quite productive in regards to mental stature, my emotional well being and physically as well. I am a goal orientated person so for me constantly putting carrots out in front of myself always make me happy.

With that being said in the last 2 weeks I was making my last pushes towards getting as fit as possible to ride the Xebex Air Bike for 100 miles which is about 161k on 12/16. The week of Brazos Bend obviously I wasnt able to get tons of work in the weekend but I was on the grind the first few days of the week leading up to the race. Last week post race I unloaded trucks and went right back to the daily 2-3 hour grind making sure I felt good leading up to the attempt. I took off friday and kind of started to plan out some other items in my mind. I had decided that I was going to do 2 major things after the assault bike challenge.

  1. I would try and attempt to do the Snowdrop 100 miler and then Bandera 100k challenge again. I have failed at this 2x before and with the races being like 6 days away from each other there is really a very very slim chance that I can do it with one leg but.. as Jim Carrey would say.. So your saying I have a chance!!!!
  2. I have decided that starting this week 12/18 even though we were celebrating our anniversary that I would take that 100% plunge into dedicating the next 5 months to heavy weight lifting and rowing. I really want to do another 100 mile row and I really want to do it in under 17 hours. That honestly will take about 8-12 weeks of solid training but Its something I want a lot. I also realize that I will lose some power but I need to drop some of the mass I have before knee surgery in may. The past almost year has been about moving big weight, pulling as hard as a mule on the rower and really enjoying power lifting everything in sight. But that season has come and gone. When i get the new knee I want to get back to running and that will be easier even if I lose a bit of power.

So with those thoughts in my mind headed off to sleep friday I went to bed around midnight. The plan was to get up at 6:30 and get on the bike by 7am. Funny thing happened is that I couldnt get in the gym till at least 8:30am to even start.. But the truth is that I didnt want to do it at all that morning. The second I got up I was like fuck this I can do it at another time. I started looking on my calendar when else I could do it or I was telling myself I just dont care.. But I remembered saying just get in the car and go to the gym it was about 8am at the time..

Once at the gym parking lot I waited.. I was tired, irritated and head made up my mind to just turn around and go home. Fuck the attempt, screw the work and it wouldnt matter. I even made a post on instagram as I got coffee that morning about going after the attempt and then deleted it when I was about to leave…

As i sat in the car I did what I know to do.. I just fought my mind for a few more minutes. I saw a post from jocko a guy i follow on instagram and the title of his Saturday 4:30am was something like “Sometimes you just have to get it done.”…. As i read the quote our coach showed up just after 8:30am.. And like that my mind clicked into place. I chugged a redbull to get the juices flowing and sipped on some of that Starbucks Christmas Blonde Blend (aka NITRO BOOST0).. Within 10 minutes i was set up and rocking the air bike.

Needless to say once started like everything in life it all clicked in place. My HR stayed low avg was 138 for the attempt and i stayed right at the 31km/hr mark that I had spent time on the last 5 weeks. I spent probably 20-30 hours between 30-34km just traing the motions and my body to accept that pace for extended time. I cut the halfway 80km mark at 2:35 and was on my way.. The last 80km i cut in 20km quarters mentally just constantly focusing on the next 20km and so forth. The back half 80km was 2:51 so the total was a 5:16 total time on the bike for 161km. I had predicted before that I would finish in 5:15-5:18 based on the training I had done. I was really relieved to be done as the air bike takes a toll on your ass and is a ton of muscular endurance movements. More imporantly than doing it was that I didnt quit when my mental seemed to be so far off that morning. Had i quit that morning it would have been a huge mental let down going into snowdrop and bandera honestly. Sometimes you get everything to line up and sometimes you just have to fucking send it no matter how you feel.



So after the attempt we headed to the hill country to celebrate the our 6 year anniversary and get an little R&R.. As always I get my nails done once a year right before snowdrop. The sheer look of disgust on the pedicurist face when I order that deluxe pedicure i wish i had a picture of. My feet as of late have looked like a rag tag mix of missing layers, toe nails falling off and calus city.. When she went to use that cheese grater on my feet it looked like edward sissorhands cutting hedges. Skin was flying everywhere and I was like OMG i feel so bad for this lady right now.. So once she was done abusing my feet into baby soft ready to hike feet I got to get my nails painted. My nails are yellow and purple for both of my kiddos I run for at the Snowdrop foundation. Its my reminder when the shit gets deep out there why I am there. I am there to honor the lives of Kees Poole and Dezma Benitez who bravely fought pediatric cancer to the end. I am there to honor the Poole and Flores family. My role is to do my part to raise awareness for the Snowdrop Foundation and Pediatric Cancer. Every year you get a buckle for doing 100 miles and its a grand gesture. All of mine sit in my closet most of them in the box the gave them to me in.. So as I laid for a massage the other day the MT say my toes and chuckled she said nice toes.. I tried to hold back my tears as I told her how important both of those colors are in my life this week.

So here is to the last week to get ready. I will take the week off focusing on my family, my loved ones and the joy of Christmas. When we get home on Tuesday afternoon it will be all business until the race start. Recently I had a runner who didnt complete another chance at 100 miles and had to drop. We chatted afterwards and I told him this.. I learned a long time ago that you never step up to a 100 mile race unless you are truly willing to give it 100% of what you have mentally and physcially. If you cant step up with a clear heart and clear mind then something will make you quit at the first chance. You must have the WHY before you hit the line.. I have had the pleasure of finishing this race in great times and the last 2 years in the worst pain in my life. But the results remains the same.

So I start this 10 days grateful for the opportunity to serve the 2 amazing children. May our efforts on that track help to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

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