4 weeks to snowdrop.. time to drop the fun.

Well we are officially 4 weeks away from snowdrop in my calendar. its always a good time for me to cut the fun out of my life and really start to dial it in.

last week my goals were to try and remain as consistent as I could with the huge amount of travel and workload that I had. I was on the road tuesday morning and didnt get home to the wee hours of saturday night. Like most lots of planned work in the mix so getting training in would be a struggle and I got fucking sick which i am still trying to work through.

I had a solid day monday of riding the airdyne bike for 2 hours in the am weights in the pm.

Tuesday was another good day as I hit the weights/rower for a few hours in the am before i started driving.

Wednesday I was able to get in 2 hours on the rower/elipical and an hour on weights

Thursday I took off due to an all day expo and when is started feeling sick.

Friday i was able to get in 1.5 hours between lifting and rowing but I could feel the sickness building.

I took off Sat/sunday with work, travel and still trying to fight off this crap show.

So all in all It was a good mon-fri being that I was traveling and I did wed night, thursday, friday and saturday all day on my feet doing things. So in turn my knee has been super swollen and really giving me some issues with the over use.

This week is Brazos Bend 100 week which means its another week of do whatever it takes, loading trucks and really putting a bunch of stress on the knee. I have been slacking with my IM fasting and low carb days so my plan this week is to be flexible and focus on the good. I will also personally weight myself monday as I always want to try and drop the Fluff as my son calls it before the race.

A few weeks ago I met someone who had never done snowdrop for the first time. I gave them a few tips on the race that I think are useful  so here goes my top 5.

Top 5 Tips to Finish 100 Miles at Snowdrop.

  1. You cant finish 100 miles if you dont stay on the track. Limit the time you spend bullshitting and not moving around that track. I have finished the 100 in some shorter times and some longer times but the work still remains the same. The more time you spend chatting, in that aid station and messing around the harder it will be.
  2. Try and get to 60 before the end of the first day. With the race starting at 6am if you can get to 60 miles before 9pm that has always been a personal goal. Some years I have the 1st 2 and last year my knee blew up early and I didnt even get to a fucking marathon by 9pm. But I also remained focus on #1 and got it done despite the 53 hour time stamp.
  3. Bring every type of clothing and shoe you have known to man. I have seen the temps be hot enough to wear a singlet and cold enough to have 3 layers on. Its been so windy your lips hurt and its been so wet we ran in panchos for hours. It is December in Houston folks anything will happen. Bring all you have and hope you dont need anything else.
  4. Its a timed event not a distance event. What this means is that you can go as much as you want for the 55 hours. While many folks target 100 miles some target 150 or even 200. All of this means you have to change your perception of what you want to try and do. Planning is key if you you are really going for some longer mileage.
  5. The most important one of all- Remember the reason you are on that track. We are all on the track to help raise money and spread awareness about pediatric cancer via the Snowdrop Foundation. The pictures of the kids, our own stories and those folks out there are all behind you to keep pushing like the kids have. It is emotion, it is raw but it is worth it.

So with this week being another crazy one its time to keep it consistent as I will probably put some time back on the road to get my body out of rowing mode and get some miles under my feet. The fun is over time to grind it out.

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