5 weeks to snowdrop and the saltwater cure.

5 weeks to snowdrop and the saltwater cure.

I should have blogged as advertised at least 2x time since the last. I have failed but will not quit. 

So there is a really good quote that speaks to my heart every time.

“The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea. ” —Isak Dinesen

Shortly after coming home from the 2 weeks that was the franklin mountains I had a good solid week of training which was this last week. I have been building towards a 100 mile attempt on an assault bike, im rowing again like a champ and ive been lifting daily. My diet has been a bit carby with the thanksgiving treats wafting in the late night air. But nonetheless have found myself feeling strong and already feeling the impeeding emotions of training for snowdrop.

The quote speaks to me as I feel more raw than I have in sometime. For me every glance at the pictures of my snowdrop kids I run for has me shedding tears and my mind keeps playing the memories over again. Every night as I head upstairs i see the beautiful smile of Dezma and our God son Kees sweet gestures on the picture that i have laminated. That picture has been with me for so long and as of today will be with me wherever I go.

But with the emotions in my heart comes the responsibility that I still have to finish everything that I have started to get there. I have had the displeasure the last 2 years of having my knee give me tremendous issues early and make it tough to finish. I can remember last year after getting a 45 min nap around 3am I got up for the jeep. Tommy my friend saw me and neither of us though I could go another step at mile 82.

I can remember telling tommy to grab a red bull for me from the aid station… The truth is that i asked him to leave so that I could cry alone because I thought that is how it would all end after 4 years. I was fortunate that my heart spoke louder than my knee and we were able to get it done despite the 53 hour shitshow.

So as I sat in a bath this afternoon trying to get this knee to stop swelling I see a post that I was tagged in on instagram. A post from an amazing runner http://instagram.com/anna.in.the.mountains

As I read the post I thought how similar our lives are at times. Anna dosent know but I used to sit on those oil rigs on the gulf as well wondering what would become of my life at 300+ lbs. But with a simple post thanking me for inspiring her she paid it back all in one second.

It was for me the reminder that despite my unwanting to blog about how I feel I have made a commitment to do so and how much I must keep pushing no matter how comfortable that is.



So here we go last 4 weeks of training and a week off. I WILL DO a great job this week of showing everything I can because im at TRE all week. So it will be a crazy week of trying to fit in workouts, doing it out of air bnb and gyms. So since we do travel a ton here is my 5 tips on getting workouts in on the road.

  1. Bring equipment with you.. I will bring my push ups bars, knee pad, kettle bell and bands with me on the trip. This way i can get full body workouts and also be able to do solid glute work as well with ease.
  2. Check local gyms and memberships before you go. I have a national 24 hour memberships so in Austin this works well but I have gotten $10 a week memberships or $25 monthly and cancel them after a month. But if you are heavy into a training program you cant afford to miss a week off.
  3. Be flexible.. This week will be crazy for me since I have obliations, I have a lot of smoozing to do and I have no idea what my schedule will be.
  4. Key workouts come first- I try and schedule my long hikes, rows etc when i know I have time like before big expo days or days off. I never think I am going to squeeze in a 2 hour hard row at 10pm after a day walking in an expo.
  5. dont give up on the week no matter what you cant get in..

So here is my “goals” for the week and the usually the last 4 weeks of training for me its a volume week. meaning i stop doing a ton of super heavy lifts and stick to more reps/sets etc.

40 miles hiking, 40 miles on the rower, 60km on the assault bike- 5 sessions of lifting- volume (abs, step ups, pushups).

So im going to start the next blog since ill have my computer and can just log in.. Maybe ill even break it up.. the sky is the limit.





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