Digging in and Digging Deep 8 weeks till Snowdrop

I have for the better part of the last few years been running away from having full knee surgery over and over. I have already had 2 knee surgeries and have already known that I just need a whole new knee to replace this piece o shit that i currently get to use.

And yes whenever i post I am nervous about knee surgery 300 people tell me that Im going to be okay and their in the health care field and see it all the time. I get that but You are talking about people that I dont know I am talking about my own  body here. You dont know that Im going to be okay and you cant guarantee that ill come out with stars and unicorns. This as you can see is why i havent scheduled it previously because I dont like the unguarantee since ive already been through this 2x with NO HELP.


What i do know mentally is that having the knee surgery planned for the end of may gives me a sigh of relief to plan my next adventure, our summer and beyond. I am a planner at heart and I hate suprises more than people can imagine. Part of why i love race directing is trying to put myself in the situation so that I can see the fix before it becomes a problem.

So last weekend I had the opportunity to jump into a 50 miler and get it done with some good friends of mine. I do say jump into as I had been for the past 6-8 weeks training to hike a 224 mile road course known as the El Camino De Lavaca about 10 days before then. I have it a go with only having one day of full rest from Orion but with my knee already blown up from the race weekend I only got in about 6 hours and I had to call it. I was mentally ready for 4-5 days of an all our grinder but it just wasnt in the cards. A friend of mine commented on how I can jump into a 50 miler with no training. I thought it was super funny that he assumed that I didnt train for it and because I dont “post” every workout I do on social media that I didnt do something.

Truth is that I have 2 things always going for me.. I have a 6 year continuous history of endurance sports and I really love to suffer mentally. The one thing that has hindered me for the 6 years is I have always had a bum knee. I mean i ran my first ultra in 2012 and had knee surgery 3 days after running my first 50 miler on a torn knee then.

So i am presently coaching/helping a couple of people who reached out to me to reach some big goals they have coming up. I am really strict about logging runs etc but I myself dont log a bunch of stuff that I do. I kind of just say hey im going to workout 2-3 hours a day week days and 3 hours sat/sunday. I do a variety of thing ranging from hiking, treadmill walks, tirepulls, crossfit, traditional body building and of course rowing. I also do some other random stuff like strenth under pressure, slide boarding, sauna etc.. I do a ton of different stuff because a) my knee hates running and b) i would rather be strong than fast both professionally and in life. If I dont honestly work on keeping big muscles strong than it effects my daily life.


So the last 2 years leading up to snowdrop I had these 8-12 week blocks of training where I ran a bunch tried to get super fit and then headed into the race. Both of those races were the absolute most painful things i have ever done. I think i finished a 100 miles in like 52 and 53 hours with the last one me getting a 45 min nap between day 2-3.. What was even worse was that I couldnt use my right leg to drive for 4 months after that race. I was driving left footed everywhere and would have to pull over while driving to ease the pain often.

So this year I made changes early in the season to fix all of that with rowing. I rowed for 100 miles in late april and as I rowed I got stronger. As i got stronger my knee got more stable and I have been able to hike more than ever. So that leads us to today.

I am about 8 weeks away give or take a few days from the Snowdrop Ultra 55 Hour race. Although I am plain TERRIBLE at keeping track of workouts I am going to do it for the next 8 weeks via this blog. I will also drop some posts on what I think are really important to finish snowdrop since I have finished it 4x in a row with over a 100 miles. I have also never videod any of the crazy shit i do in the gym but I am really going to make a real effort to do that as well.


So i think it will be fun to try to do it 8 weeks which is manageable and to be honest Im terrible at logging stuff so it will be a challenge to do it.

So here is do Day 1 of Week 1. Time to check all my stats so I can get baselines and im  4 days off of relaxing from Cactus Rose so its time to start working again.  And since my birthday is coming up I think ill buy another Fit bit this week. I really enjoy having one for resting HR, sleep time and overall HR stuff. Easy as well on the road which ill be for the next few weeks.

Goals for the week (Thursday-Thursday) 40 miles hiking, 40 miles rower, 4 workouts.

Intermittent Fasting Goals: Avg 14 hour days

Food Diary Goals: less than 75 grams of carbs a day.


Thats the plan.. well see how it all goes down week 1.



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