The hardest part of working hard is stopping.

I have for the better part of my life resisted the part of the training that involves rest. It is a great weakness that I have in my own athletic accomplishments but a positive in business.

As i prepared for what I would be my last week of push on the rower I had to take a step back on monday am. We were fresh off a long race weekend, my legs hadnt coming back around from standing up for 2 days with limited sleep and I was tired. Despite this I knew that I had put in the work and that the week would be something I would still go after.


My Tuesday/Wed workouts were big, they were good and I watched my HR sit comfortably. I have been battling a tennis elbow like hurt in my left elbow from lifting some heavy weight the week before and my right knee was swelling from the weekend. As Thursday approached I was in a position that I usually fail in.

I was in the position where I know I have put in the work over the past 6 months but I still want more before the goal. I in my own mind wanted that last week confidence booster but my body was getting torn apart just to see it happen. In 2013 i ran 3 100 mile weeks back to back to back in search of fitness for the Grasslands 50M. Going into the race I knew that my hip flexors felt like there were going to pop at any time and therefore at mile 18 they did. I dont tell the story of me doing 3 100 mile weeks because the end results is a big DNF at a race that has beat me so many times.

So as I go to grab the keys off the key ring i cant.. My elbow pulses with pain, my grimace shows what I cant hide and my observant  wife asks why I am still going. Shes right as in most time with my training but I dont want to hear that. I want to find that other gear, I want to push through that pain and I want more meters.


After taking the day off I realize that while i might be able to tell people i did another 161k 100 mile week on the rower what would my story be if I only did 6 hours of the 24 hours. I already know its going to be hard, I already feel the anxiousness of trying it for 24 but did I want that to be the end of the story.

So with that I officially shut it down saturday after rowing for about 15min. My HR was about 98 bpm at race pace of 5500 meters per 30 min. That gives me a cushion of about 1000 meters an hour which should warranted a restroom break or 2 an hour to stay on pace.


As much as I would love to go 241,000 metres or 150 miles in 24 hours the truth is I am just going to get to enjoy seeing what I can do as a person. Im not really worried about my cardio at all but I just wonder what kind of muscular endurance I will face after 10-12 hours. I wonder how I will feel grinding meters at 2am or what I will think when it becomes not fun anymore.

And the most important part of it all is that I get to row for so many who cant and for the wonderful Wings For Life Foundation. My time on that rower serves as a vehicle to help those who need it and dont get the opportunities I do in life.

So for once in my life I shut it down before I burned in hot. I took of sunday enjoyed indian food and nachos. This morning I got my normal post 2 weeks diet on track and ready to roll. Im looking forward to being as lean as I can, well rested and ready to fight for every meter in 24 hours. Im grateful for Rachel always being the smart one in my life and giving me a push to shut it down.

Dont forget Friday April 28th at 7am is when I start and Im rowing for the Wings for Life Foundation. I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE the entire time so you can watch. Some people have donated straight to the site (SO THANK YOU ALREADY) and some are pledging $1 per 10,000 meters=$24 or $200 if I can do 241,000 meters. But let it be clear I thank you for wanting to watch me do this and I am grateful for each penny that goes to the Wings for Life Foundation. The charity gives a REAL 100% to Spinal Cord Reseach and I will think of them while i row.

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  1. I’ll continue to help remind you to come rest as I’m sure you’ll always struggle to do so. I think you’ll do great with your 24 hour challenge, I know you have it in you no matter the training or not due to your determination. You’re in astrounding shape so let your body rest and heal to truly prep for your big finale. You got this in th bag. Xoxo

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