Full of Fire

One last week and im full of fire.

This past weekend really meant a lot to me as a person who draws on inspiration. I got the chance to basically sit at the start and finish line of so many peoples journeys again at the Brazos bend 50. I always tell people that I get to watch amazing stories unfold in my eyes and then use them for the fire in my own life.

From yelling at Aaron to finish what he started, from watching Steve/Roy grind out that last few miles with the clean up crew behind them and my first ever athlete i have coached winning the 50 miler.


Despite the weeks worth of prep work, the 3 hour of sleep i got in the front of a uhual truck cab before the race or the opening of a trailer to clean when my legs still ache its all worth it.

Its worth it to chase your dreams, its all worth it to watch others chase theirs and its truly what i love to do.

So here is my big last workout week for my own personal goals. 161,000 meters on the rower will get me a 100 mile week and my last push for fitness. I am 20 days away from starting a 24 hour row fest to benefit the Wings for Life Foundation.

So this week is my transparency week for workouts, hr and how I have been getting it done. So here is the plan of the week and I will post a sunday evening blog on exactly how the week panned out. With this much rowing on deck I have put off some items to do on my personal schedule and may miss some lifting due to fatigue.

Goal is set at 161k meters for the week also equal to 100 miles.

Mon- 10,000 meters at 100-110 hr bpm easing into the week and my work schedule is heavy this day.

Tues- I will split 2 10ks on the rower. Both of them going for a bit higher HR in the 130-140 range.

Wed- 15k in the am and 15k in the pm with a block under the front of the rower for some added pull.

Thurs 20k one pull hopefully early in the am. Should be a good solid 2 hour effort.

Fri- 15k meters at 100-110 hr avg easy race pace. Should take around 90 min.

Sat- 2 hour row at race pace 120 hr avg 23,000 meters.. With us having a day at the warhouse I will get to row while people are running on the treadmill so should be able to get in 2-3 hours of rowing.

Sunday- 3 hour row at race pace- 120 HR avg 33k meters. I have nothing on the schedule so this will just be a tough final session to know the work is completed and ready to roll.


A few items to note is that my heels have been sore from form issues when I am rowing really hard or going after short tabata pulls. So I will stay away from any short intense pulls this week while i focus on the endurance end. My knee has always swelled since I decided to run last week so ill nix all box jumps, running at all and heavy weight lifting to preserve as much strength as needed to get in all my rowing goals.


So in a nutshell it I will spend about 15-18 hours on the rower this week as its my last big push for fitness.


Dont forget Friday April 28th at 7am is when I start and Im rowing for the Wings for Life Foundation. I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE the entire time so you can watch. Some people have donated straight to the site (SO THANK YOU ALREADY) and some are pledging $1 per 10,000 meters=$24 or $200 if I can do 241,000 meters. But let it be clear I thank you for wanting to watch me do this and I am grateful for each penny that goes to the Wings for Life Foundation. The charity gives a REAL 100% to Spinal Cord Reseach and I will think of them while i row. https://fundraising.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/us/EN/2baba7f0f8cd11e6aa120a9de91963a

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