Rowing Setup and Training


Well since I have no friends in life that enjoy rowing much like I did with trail running I have been getting tons of questions on setup for the rower and training as well. So my #2 entry will be on what I have been doing for training, the setup and items I am using. Next week I am going for 160k so my blogs will be workout based leading up to the final 2 weeks.


Equipment for Rowing:

I bought a concept 2 rower as I started to get really serious about training for the event. Much like when I trained for mountains I bought a treadmill as well. So the concept 2 rower come with this amazing PM5 computer attached to it. This thing has a ton of options and features that I wanted including wireless and Bluetooth.  With those capabilities i turned to polar which is who i use for my HR watch for a HR belt that would read on the PM5 and also started using the app live rowing as well to track my stats. I am runningrobg on the live rowing app and will be trying to use it for the 24 hour row as well.

With the time i have been putting in a rower since november I did find a few more thing useful along the way. I used gloves and/or tape as my pads on my hands began to form. Now that i have been rowing often easy efforts like 1-2 hours done really requite too much prep but i will use trail toes tape on my hands and also use the lube for the ankles and other areas as needed. I also in the process bout 2 different pads fo the rower 1 is just a small pad that can be used on any rower with a non slip side to it.. The other is from hornet and is actual molded to the seat i have so it just stay on there the entire time. I wanted to have the small easy one to take if i was going to crosssfit fulshear or 24 hour fitness to work out.


My other big change is using a skirt to row in. As much as this might sound odd i dont think i would be able to do this if I wasnt able to find something that was helping me and not hindering me. I have a great friend Julie Millen who owns who i told her about me wanting to try one of her skirts. The truth is that my thighs are growing from rowing and shorts began to ride all the time. I also knew with that much time on my butt that i wanted a double layer of apparel to make sure i didnt chafe or run. So the skirts where the next choice to give a go.. So I am 100% rowing in a skirt and it is the best choice I could have made. Her skirts have sticky under sides that stay in place, the material is light and it fits great.

So the basic items that I have used are above. I have been doing similar that I have done for long endurance events in regards to nutrition as well. I like tailwind to drink, mas korimas kormalitas as cookies and red bull for the boost.

Science of Training:

I recently did do a lactate threshold test at memorial hermann on shepard square the cost is $150 for the session. The basics for me was that I would hold a certain wattage for 3 min on the rower. After 3 min they would prick my finger read it and assign another bench mark. We ended up doing 10 data points which was great to see the lactate curve. I have never had one of these done as a runner but love the data and seeing it. The chart really showed me where I was on the rower and confiedm my zones that I had thought as well in my own mind. So i was excited to see the work I have done paying off and also the zones that I need to stay in for the 24 hour row.

I have been self coaching myself for the last few months on the rower. I have been lately trying to stick with mixing in shorter faster high end sessions like 1-5 min all outs, tabata and 20 sec intervals. The other 80% of the time i have been focused on endurance training which is good sessions at 120-135 hr. I have also been able to lower my stoke rate from a 28-29 when i started a few months ago down to a 24-25 stroke rate which will help me over the time that I will be rowing.


So that is the basis of my equipment i have been using, the training and some of the prodcuts that I am using as I train. Next week I will lay out my weeks plan which should have me shooting for around 160k for the week as it is my last training week.


Dont forget Friday April 28th at 7am is when I start and Im rowing for the Wings for Life Foundation. Some people have donated straight to the site (SO THANK YOU ALREADY) and some are pledging $1 per 10,000 meters=$24 or $200 if I can do 241,000 meters. But let it be clear I thank you for wanting to watch me do this and I am grateful for each penny that goes to the Wings for Life Foundation. The charity gives a REAL 100% to Spinal Cord Reseach and I will think of them while i row.

Thank you all again. The love and support will lit the fire.


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