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I have been searching for a few years now for something, anything that would reconnect me to the fun of competition. With my knee having all of the issues it has been hard to train and even harder to get to the line to race. I have had to basically put in hours upon hours just to give my self a shit show chance of completing a flat 55 hour 100 and an all out climbing 50k.

But after dragging my knee to a 53.5 hr finish at Snowdrop this year I knew something had to change. I got tired, I got complacent and I was done with running. It honestly pains me to say that I am done with running but for now I need to be. My knee cant take the pounding and my soul hates the pain.

So I have been fortunate over the past few months of falling in love with an amazing group of people at Crossfit Fulshear. Over the past few months I have rekindled my love for lifting weights, moving my body and becoming more balanced in my strength. I have never had a “runners” body as the love of lifting weights and losing a bunch of weight has always left me on the Clydesdale side of ultras. But this amazing gym has encouraged me to push my limits, they have inspired me to take on challenges and I have learned so much from being part of another community that is welcoming.

As i have been developing as an athlete again I was searching for something anything that I can do to push my endurance buttons. In november of last year i decided to get back on a rower again. I have only used a rower when I had knee surgery but i always remember it being super boring, easy on my knees and hard as hell. Well those are all things that I enjoy to do as much as I can.

My love for the rower ended up with me training and completing a 100k meter effort in a bit less than 8 hours leading up to the race at the end of January. It went well and my love for rowing has continued.

So fast forward until today. I have been working on the rower since then and have been proposing something special to do that will push me as an athlete and allow me to give back to something important as well.

So I will be Rowing for 24 hours straight on Friday April 28th 2017 from 7am until Saturday April 29th at 7am.  I will be streaming the entire event LIVE from my facebook page at but more importantly is why I am rowing other than to push myself.

The Wings for Life World Run is May 7th all over the world. I cannot run the race because I am race directing but I want to do my part to contribute a cause that is worthy. For many of these that have been affected they dont get the opportunities that I get to on a daily basis. They dont get the chance to row for 24 hours and for me thats enough fire for me to row 24 hours for them.


So I am asking for your help in my endeavors to support them. I am challenging my friends, family, running mates, fellow crossfitters, rowers, sponsors and supporters to help me drive awareness to this cause.


I want you to challenge me with a pledge for meters or every 10k meters. My goal is to row an average of 10,000 meters for the 24 hours for a total of 241,402 meters which is the equivalent of 150 miles. I know its a lot to ask but it dosent have to be large because we have numbers. Pledging $1 per 10,000 meters would be a donation of $24. Pledging .50 every hour I row would be $12.. I have never asked for people to pledge donations for something but I think for me this is something worthy.


I am also going to use the hashtag #rowwithrob leading up and would love for you to also jump on a rower and knock out 1,000 meters with me or 10,000 with me. I know that for me personally watching people rowing, supporting and pushing themselves all for a great cause which is spinal cord research will keep my fire lit.

My Link for the Wings For Life Donation page is here and 100% of the Donations go to Spinal Cord Research. There is no middle men there isnt someone getting 30% of it.. 100% of my effort and your donation will help!


I will from today on post 2x a week updating everyone on status of taper/training, why i am rowing in a skirt and also what a lactate test looks like on a rower.

I have so many people to thank and sponsors to thank for giving me these opportunites to push. In the next few weeks I look forward to showing you a bit of behind the scences of the preperation for the event..

As always I am grateful and humbled to chase my dreams in front of you all.


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  1. SOOOO, your talking about a stationary Rowing Machine ????? and if we want to do that 1,000 meter companion row, we can go to our local gym and do it but how will you know we are participating ??? Sounds fun and something different..

    • Take a picture post it to my page.. Tell me your doing it as I am live on facebook. I will be there

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